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Drawn to Berlin

This graphic non-fiction book was published by Fantagraphics in late 2018, and into French by Presque Lune in 2019 under the title Réfugiés à Berlin.

Drawn to Berlin was the winner of the Independent Publisher’s award for best graphic book of 2019 and was named one of the best comics of 2018 by New York Magazine.


“One of the finest pieces of comics nonfiction I’ve read in years.” — New York Magazine: Vulture

“Fitzgerald celebrates the cathartic powers of art in her memoir recalling comic workshops she led in Berlin’s refugee shelters. This ode to her students isn’t just a portrayal of a city in flux or a people displaced—it is a portrait of the power of art.” — Publishers Weekly

“Fitzgerald uses art to illuminate the human dimensions of [the refugee crisis], a situation often sketched in statistics.” — The Atlantic

“Beautiful, sensitive, illuminating, and at times quite funny. ... every page is a gem.” — LA Review of Books

“It’s quite an extraordinary book—a thoughtful and deeply empathetic examination of displacement and hope, focusing on the situation of immigrants in Berlin, past and present.” — The Rumpus

Read an excerpt below

and buy it at Fantagraphics or in your favorite bookstore

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